AAF offers a complete line of replacement filters to fit most brands of dust collection equipment.


There's No Substitute For Genuine AmericanAirFilter® Replacement Parts

Replacement parts play a critical role in efficient dust collection performance. Dust collection equipment and components wear over time. Preventive maintenance is the key to avoiding a crisis. Now, more than ever you need AAF original equipment parts and air filters. Don't settle for second best.


Replacement Parts and Filters are Available for These Current AmericanAirFilter® Dust Collectors and Air Filtration Products:

  •     ArrestAll Model AR

  •     AstroSeal Type S

  •     Bag In/Bag Out

  •     Design M FabriPulse

  •     DustCatcher

  •     DynaPure Mist Collector

  •     K Exhauster

  •     Millennium/FabriPulse

  •     OptiFlo

  •     Type LVN RotoClone

  •     Type N RotoClone

  •     Type W RotoClone