Cement & Rock Processing

AAF know-how and expertise has been applied to processes such as: Wet, Lepol, Dry and Preheater Kilns, Alkali Bypass, Clinker Coolers, Raw Mill, Coal and Pet Coke mills, Cement Mill, Vertical and Shaft Lime Kilns.

Iron & Steel Production

AAF is able to design and supply the primary and secondary ventilation systems for the steel and iron production these include EAF, Blast Furnace, BOF, Cast House Ventilation, Sinter Plant Exhaust, Coke Pushing, Secondary Steelmaking, Non-Ferrous Smelting including Aluminium, Lead, Zinc and Brass.


AAF De-dusting system is use to clean the exhaust gas from boiler in order to meet the current stringent emission regulation. Several installations have been put in operation for both Coal Fired Boiler and Biomass Boiler.

Waste Incinerator / Syngas Filtration

AAF designs the baghouse and associated equipment to withstand the corrosive and abrasive nature of the exhaust gas from waste incinerators and syngas filtration