Vee-Bank Prefilter

The Side Access Vee-Bank housing is a general purpose filter housing which provides mechanical strength, ease of use, and economy. The Vee-Bank housing is used when only prefilters are required and you need to double your capacity.

Access doors are hinged and have over-center draw-type plated latches. The doors seal against the housing using closed cell neoprene gasket. The standard Vee-Bank is furnished with two doors.

The Vee-Bank housing has exceptional structural strength. It utilizes 15/16" wide turned out flanges, welded construction, vertical supports, and angle braces. The Vee-Bank housing is designed to operate at up to 6 in. w.g. negative or positive pressure. Optional high pressure construction is available for service up to 10 in. w.g. negative or positive pressure.

The Vee-Bank housing is offered in 96 sizes, spanning heights from nominal 1' through 8', and widths from nominal 1' through 12'. Capacities range from 2,000 CFM at 500 FPM to 120,000 CFM at 625 FPM. Larger sizes are available. The Vee-Bank housing is designed to expand using standard sizes as building blocks. For example a nominal 16' wide unit can be built using two 8' wide modules or an 8' high unit using two 4' modules. Modules are factory pre-engineered for field installation.

Two housing depths are offered: 263/8" (holds 2" prefilters) and 273/8" (holds 4" prefilters).

All Vee-Bank housings can be furnished with optional 1" fiberglass insulation. Enclosed in a double metal skin, the insulation is external to the airstream. This optional insulation covers both doors, and top and bottom pans. 

Efficiency % 99.99
Inlet Dust Load (Gr/CF) Ambient Air
Hours of Operation 24/7
Material Characteristics Ambient Air
Max Temperature 150° F
Type of Collector Filter Housings

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