Bag In / Bag Out

The AAF Bag In/Bag Out side loading filter system is a reliable method for removing contaminated particulate filters and/or gas absorbers in hazardous environments. With this system, maintenance personnel are protected from coming in direct contact with the interior of the housing and hazardous contaminants during filter change-out.

Designed to withstand ±20" w.g., all units are constructed of 14-gauge stainless steel and feature internal and external locking mechanisms. Each HEPA filter and adsorber filter cell is sealed against the housing frame and furnished with an individual door. A bag kit of containment bags, cinching and safety straps is shipped for use with each door.

The Bag In/Bag Out system is designed for use in any facility requiring optimum levels of safety and product integrity. Applications include nuclear power plants, food or health care facilities, electronics clean rooms, biomedical research and pharmaceutical labs.

CFM (Air Volume) 1,000 - 48,000
Efficiency % 99.99
Inlet Dust Load (Gr/CF) Ambient Air
Hours of Operation 24/7
Material Characteristics Ambient Air
Max Temperature 49° C
Type of Collector Filter Housings

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