ASHRAE Housings

AAF offers a variety of side access ASHRAE filter housings for use with air handling equipment. All AAF air filter housings offer the convenience of servicing the filters from outside the air duct. All AAF housings were designed for HVAC installations with limited headroom.

Side Access Carbon Gas phase filtration system available with high quality activated charcoal.
Side Access Demister Consists of coalescing filters to protect systems against moisture.
Side Access Diffuser Specially designed baffle plate protects downstream components from high velocity air flow patterns.
Side Access Flat Bank General purpose prefilter housing providing mechanical strength, ease of use, and economy.
Side Access Leverloc Designed to deliver a fail-safe, mechanically actuated pressure seal.
Side Access PolySeal The PolySeal system includes an extruded aluminum mounting track and final filter gaskets with space for static taps.
HVAC HEPA High quality side access systems for High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter applications.

CFM (Air Volume) 1,000 - 48,000
Efficiency % 99+
Inlet Dust Load (Gr/CF) Ambient Air
Hours of Operation 24/7
Material Characteristics Ambient Air
Max Temperature 49° C
Type of Collector Filter Housings