Dynapure Model A-1

Dynapure Model A1

Designed for vertical mounting, the Model A-1 DynaPure Mist Collector is ideal for gear box vents on air compressors, vacuum pumps, or any machine with an oil reservoir which gives off mist as a result of gears operating at high speeds.

Unlike other DynaPure Mist Collectors which are remotely mounted and which employ ducting to remove aerosol mist as it is generated, the Model A-1 DynaPure Mist Collector is fitted with a 2 in. N.P.T. threaded male fitting for direct connection to the oil reservoir discharge orifice. Drainage is through the inlet connection allowing the collected oil to run directly back to the gear box sump.

Normal maintenance consists of periodically changing the throwaway filter liner.


CFM (Air Volume) 25
Efficiency % up to 99.9
Inlet Dust Load (Gr/CF) 0 - 1
Hours of Operation 24/7
Material Characteristics Oil Mist
Max Temperature 49° C
Type of Collector Oil Mist

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